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LBC Worship Summer School, August 2003

LBC Worship Summer SchoolTitled "Hearts, Hands, Minds & Voices", the week-long worship summer school at the London Bible College was an inspring time for the 80 delegates, with input from a wide range of speakers, musicians and worship leaders.

Family Worship was honoured to be invited to present 3 workshops and Mike was there for 2 days. Below are links to the summary documents of the sessions on "Writing songs for children" and "Children and Spiritual Gifts", and also the Powerpoint presentation for "How to lead all-age worship"

Coming soon we will also be adding audio files of Mike's teaching.

Mike made reference to the excellent "Manual for Children's Ministry" by Mark Tittley from South Africa, available here



How to include all ages in worship

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Practical pointers for all-age worship
Family Worship is like a good Family Meal
The Triumphal Entry
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