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Your name is wonderful

Author: Jo Puleston
Album: Family Worship 4

An up-tempo praise song, with an incredibly hooky chorus - we defy you not to sing along!


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Story Behind the Song

The lyrics focus on some of the names of Jesus, and then the chorus simply declares the glory of God in an uplifting and unforgettable style!


Your name is wonderful, Counsellor
Almighty God, Prince of peace
Father evermore
You sing us songs of joy
And righteousness
Mighty God, Sovereign Lord
You reign over all

I'm gonna praise your name, Jesus
Praise your name, Jesus
raise your name
All of my days

Glory, you reign
Glory, you reign

Na na na na na na na na na
Glory (x3)

Jo Puleston
Copyright © 2001 Chasah Music

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