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When you pray

Author: Mike Burn
Album: Teach Us To Pray

A lovely, simple song, sung as a duet between a child and an adult, based on the words of Jesus


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Story Behind the Song

I had been asked to write a song for a children's "prayer school" that was being planned for a weekend for children age 6 to 11 in my church, to help them understand why and how to pray more effectively for themselves. I had plenty of notice, but was struggling to write anything.

Motivated by the fact that the theme was prayer, I finally worked out that the best thing to do was to pray about what to write (I'm slow like that!) I was in my bedroom with my guitar and bible, and was reading Matthew 6. I read the words that come before the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus answers the disciples' request "Lord, teach us to pray", and I was struck by the simplicity of the words - "go into your room, and shut the door" - so I did just that, and began to set the words to music, with some simple finger-picked guitar chords.

When we first used the song with children, it was clear that they loved the image of going into their own room (and we explained that even if they had to share a bedroom they could try to find a place somewhere to be alone). The line about not using lots of long words in prayers seems to bring a smile to the face...!

I hope that the song will remind you of the encouragement, and instruction of Jesus to find a place to pray, where you can be alone with your heavenly Father.


When you pray, go into your own room
When you pray, close the door (x2)
Pray to Father, who is unseen
And your Father, who sees what you do
He'll reward you

When you pray, don't use lots of long words
When you pray, as some people do
They think if their prayers go on for ages
God will hear, but that isn't true
For your Father already knows
Yes your Father, he knows what you need
And will answer

Music by Mike Burn
Copyright 1998 Daybreak Music

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