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Stepping Down

Author: Mike Burn

Album: i:Praise

A song that tells the story of Christ, from birth to death to resurrection

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Stepping Down

Stepping down from heaven’s glorious light
To a suffering world in depths of night
Risking all for us
You came
Putting on the clothes of mortal man
Trusting in your Father’s daring plan
Born as one of us
You came

I praise your name
Jesus, the one who came

Even though you knew you’d been betrayed
By the closest friends on earth you’d made
Still you made your choice
You died
Bearing pain beyond all man could know
Carrying the shame we should have owned
Speaking words of love
You died

But your death was not the end of hope
Three long days and nights, but now we know
Death itself had died
You rose
Now our lives and souls have been transformed
Mercy, peace and hope are ours to own
So with joy we sing
You rose

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