Family Worship

Author: Mike Burn
Album: none yet!

Hymn, focussing on the centrality of the cross in the Christian life.


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Story Behind the Song

This song was written to try to express the centrality of the cross to our faith. It is not just a one time thing, that we repent and become a Christian, and then don't need to consider the cross again. Rather, it should be at the centre of our daily lives and worship. The cross is the most potent demonstration of the love, mercy, and power of God. Through the cross we are not only forgiven, but we also find power to overcome temptation, power for healing, and power to overcome the enemy. So, as well as being an invitation to those who are not yet Christians to consider the cross, the song is a reminder to all of us of what Jesus accomplished on the cross - "It is finished..."


1. See the love of God poured out
Look to the cross
Gaze upon the one we pierced
Look to the cross
See him taste the bitter wine
Look to the cross
'It is finished' was his cry
Look to the cross

Look to the cross
There the King of Love was lifted up for all the world to see
Look to the blood flowing from his side
It's power released for all eternity
Only one man
Only one God
Could lay down his life for me:

2. Know your sin that caused his pain
Kneel at the cross
Ask forgiveness in his name
Kneel at the cross
Wonder at the price he paid
Kneel at the cross
All your guilt is washed away
Kneel at the cross

3. Die to self to rise with him
Share in the cross
Glory’s won through suffering
Share in the cross
Joy before him, Christ endured
Share in the cross
Lives redeemed his great reward
Share in the cross

Mike Burn
Copyright © 2001 Daybreak Music

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