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Rising Generation

Author: Dave Bankhead & Mike Burn
Album: Family Worship 4

The title track from the latest FW album, this is a powerful, anthem-style worship song, full of truth and hope.


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Story Behind the Song

The song was written around the phrase "Rising Generation", which is intended to describe the younger generations rising up to the challenge of Christ to win the world, and also a challenge to the older generations to rise up while there is still time! The verses take the form of a creed - it was felt that many young people today simply don't know what they believe in, and by proclaiming some of the ancient truths of the Christian faith, the song provides a counter to a contemporary sense of lack of purpose and vision.


We are God's chosen holy nation
We belong to him alone
And may this rising generation
Worship Christ upon his throne
Worship Christ upon his throne

We believe in God the Father
And in Christ his precious Son
We believe he died to save us
Came to call us as his own

We believe he sends his Spirit
On us now with gifts of power
Hear the Spirit calling out to us
Where he leads us we will go

Dave Bankhead and Mike Burn
Copyright © 2001 Daybreak Music

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