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In the Spirit I rise

Author: Judy Bailey
Album: Family Worship 4

This up-tempo, hooky song from Judy Bailey started life as a demo for FW3 in 1996, and when FW4 came round 4 years later, Judy re-worked it into this really strong call of commitment and dedication. Ideal for use at the end of a service, or as a response song to the preaching of God's Word.

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In the Spirit I rise, rise
I rise to your call
In the Spirit I rise, rise
I rise up to your call (x2)

I have put my trust in God
Father, Spirit, Son
When he calls me to come
Then I know I must respond
I rise in the Spirit of love

When things seem too hard for me
I will not give up
You’re the strength that I need
Power when the flesh is weak
I rise in the Spirit of love

I will live for you, my Lord
My future’s in your hand
Here’s my life for your plac
Take me Jesus, here I am
I rise in the Spirit of love

Judy Bailey
Copyright © 2001 Dyba Music

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