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Healing river

Author: Mike Burn
Album: Family Worship 3

A passionate song of worship and intercession for all nations and generations.


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Story Behind the Song

I had always wanted to write a "gospel style" hymn, and felt that one would fit well on the third FW recording, "Fire & Rain". However, the deadline for recording was fast approaching, and I hadn't managed to write anything satisfactory...

At that time, it was the annual Ichthus "Revival Camp" in the summer of 1996 - a week of fellowship, teaching and worship in the beautiful grounds of Ashburnham, in the south of England, and I was there with my family. At the same time, John Pressdee was leading a "Reconciliation Walk" of a team of Christians, taking a message of apology along the route of the old crusades in Europe, going into towns, villages and cities between London and Jerusalem, and into mosques and synagogues, seeking forgiveness for the acts that had been done in the name of Christ. This is a tremendously powerful ministry (e-mail if you'd like more details). There was a mobile'phone hook-up from the Walk team into the main evening meeting at the Revival Camp, and John shared some thoughts for a few minutes. One of the things that he said that really struck me was that it was no good taking a message of reconciliation and apology to other nations and religions if that same message was not being lived out in our homes and families in the church.

From that inspiration, I rushed home (literally that evening) and started to write the song "Healing River", to try to express a simple prayer for healing and restoration in the everyday situation of our homes and families, and in the church. I was pleased to find that it suited a gospel style.

On the recording on FW3, we used two mothers and their young daughters (age 7 & 8) to sing two of the verses together; two of them from an Italian family, to try to express unity between the generations and the nations. The opening verse is sung by Liz Rodger - a sensitive and powerful operatic soprano from the UK; the chorus is sung by a congregation of children and adults. I hope that the song will bless you, and inspire you to pray for the healing river of God to flow in your own life, family and church.


Through the cross Jesus you triumphed
By your blood you bought our peace
Where there once was death and separation
Your healing river flows

Let it flow, let it flow
Let the healing river flow
Gracious God we cry to you
Let the healing river flow

Bind up wounds within our homes, Lord
Reconcile husbands and wives
Turn the fathers hearts towards their children
Oh let the river flow

Break down walls of isolation
Rescue those who live In fear
May the lonely find love In your family
Oh let the river flow

May your church rise up as one now
Join the streams in one accord
Young and old will stand and sing with one voice
To praise our Risen Lord

Mike Burn
Copyright © 1996 Daybreak Music

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