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Come and sing

Author: Mike Burn
Album: Family Worship 2

An up-tempo, song of praise, giving thanks for what Jesus did for us on the cross


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Story Behind the Song

It's been suggested that one of the reasons that I learned to play the guitar and keyboards was so that I could hide behind them in worship, and not have to "join in"! There's an element of truth in this, in that I can be very self-concious, and inhibited in my worship, and it's something I'm longing to break free from, and gradually I am...

It's my belief that often as adults, we pass our hang-ups and inhibitions on to children, sometimes sub-conciously just by the way we are, and sometimes the things we say and do (or don't do...)

So, I wrote this song as an imperative to myself as well as an encoragement to others, to be free in expressing worship in to the Lord. Of course we're free to choose how we express worship, and I would never impose anything on another indiviudal. However, just a glance at children in the school playground, or in unguarded moments on their own, will reveal that they really do love to sing and dance, and I want to be free like that! How about you?


Come and sing, come and sing
Come and sing to Jesus now
Come and sing, come and sing
Come and sing to Jesus now
Give him thanks for who he is
Give him thanks for what he's done
Come and sing

Jesus won it all for us
When he shed his blood on the cross
Sin and death were swallowed up
They don't have a hold on us now
That's the resoson to sing (dance)

Come and dance, come and dance
Come and dance for Jesus now (x2)
Dance for joy before the throne
Let your inhibitions go
Come and dance

Mike Burn
Copyright © 1996 Daybreak Music

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