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Songwriters Showcase

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The Young Neighborhood


 The Young NeighborhoodThe Young Neighborhood Gospel Singers are young but not young in the gospel music experience by singing soulful heartfelt praises to the Lord and spreading hope and joy to help bring the listener to a higher ground.

The Young Neighborhood Gospel Singers, (YNGS), of New Orleans, Louisiana were established in 1980 to spread the Word of God in song. Since that time they have inspired concert audiences in churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes & supper clubs. Hurricanes Katrina & Rita have made them redefine neighborhood with a very broad outreach of them & their families spread across our nation. The tragedies have reinforced their faith in God & love for others. The YNGS will continue the tradition spreading warm & uplifting feelings at weddings, birthday parties, festivals, banquets & other occasions throughout the world.

The group consists of seven members , ages ranging from adolescent to young adult.
Shannon plays the keyboards, sings lead and background.
Brian plays the bass and lead guitars plus drums and congas.
Tevin "TJ" plays drums and congas, sings lead and background.
Alden plays congas, sings lead and background.
Tiffany plays tambourines, sings lead and background.
Telair plays tambourines, sings lead and background.
Trenelle plays tambourines sings lead and background

Featured Songs

My Lord is real mp3 (2.15mb)


Francis Bishop
3235 Columbus Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70114