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Songwriters Showcase

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Trevor Howard


Trevor HowardBorn 1961, and again in 1981, Trevor has been a writer of songs for many, many years. Singing into a cassette player at school became singing the blues with guitar players at University (Stuart Townend being one notable accompanist), became learning the guitar to his own songs at Work. Early material exists on cassettes under the name "Abacus" - an attempt to get on the first page of all the Music books. Some of this material is unlistenable now, but helped to teach the craft of songwriting. A move to Harrow in 1986 brought the opportunity to play music with Youth group members, firstly as Howard's Broome Cupboard, then PRAT (Phil, Rupert And Trevor). These concerts were the stuff of legend. A move to Gloucester in 1990 brought an end to PRAT, but eventually resulted in a partnership with Chris Medway, to create the world's greatest unpublished work "Visions Of Daniel", a 2 hour plus musical exploration of the Old Testament book. The Nativity project "Have You Seen The Light" also dates from this time.

Years of work with Sunday School eventually took it's toll, and Trevor began penning songs which his own children, followed shortly by others, could sing, enjoy and use to praise God, all at the same time. The songs started to pile up until a 3 month forced absence due to a detached retina enabled Trevor to sit down for short periods of time and start transferring songs to CD in a format which could be bought and enjoyed by others. This resulted in "Living In Extra Time" towards the end of 2000 - and now "Hold The Light".

Trevor still lives in Gloucester, with a wife, 2 children and 2 cats. Whilst not writing songs, you may find him in a Baptist pulpit (for he does that lay-wise) or working with computers. Trevor now has a website -"Newark" is the name of his house and studio - nothing to do with the town, but it's a good title for the Church, and even for Jesus!

Featured Songs

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Clap and sing mp3 (1.36mb)
Good soil mp3 (1.63mb)
Jesus has the power mp3 (1.41mb)
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You can find more of Trevor's songs on his own website, or drop him an email