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Steve Puleo


Steve PuleoFrom early childhood, Steve Puleo has been involved in music. He is the son of a popular female vocalist, and his father was one of the premier jazz guitarists of his time. Steve began studying drums when he was six years old, after receiving his first pair of sticks from legendary jazz drummer, Philly Joe Jones while playing with Miles Davis at the Black Hawk in San Francisco. By age 15, Steve was playing professionally. Upon his graduation from high school, he left home to pursue and fulfill his dream, landing jobs as a freelance drummer with some of the most popular names in the entertainment industry. In his early to mid twenties, Steve worked out of a San Francisco recording studio, as well as touring and playing in clubs as a drummer and vocalist.

However, Steve soon came to discover that reaching a professional goal, no matter how glamorous it may be, does not guarantee fulfillment and happiness in one’s personal life. "The music business can eat a person alive," Puleo recalls. "The pressures of always trying to be better than the next guy caused my values to become distorted and confused. The innocence and beauty of my childhood dream turned into a nightmare of emptiness and loneliness. My life seemed so great on the outside, but inside, my soul was dying."

Through the example and prayers of a friend, something began drawing Steve into a new pursuit. On December 5th, 1978, Steve’s search was over as he knelt in his Oakland home and received Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. At that moment, Steve’s new life as a Christian began.

Seeing the need for a change in his surroundings and priorities, Steve left behind all he once thought to be the ultimate gain; the recording studio, the career, the contacts, even his possessions, and moved to Sacramento. There he attended Capital Bible College, where he met his wife, Karin.

Since 1984, Steve has served the Lord in full-time church ministry, as well as singing and speaking in numerous venues and churches across the U.S. and abroad.

Steve’s focus is in the area of intercessory worship. His passion is to see the church come to a place of full expression and devotion to the Bridegroom, Jesus, raising up a generation of worship radicals who have no agenda of their own; who see the world with the eyes of Jesus, and who see the body of Christ flowing as one river.

Steve Puleo is a worship leader with Vertical Call, a ministry devoted to the church becoming a house of prayer and a temple of worship. He is the author of numerous songs of worship, and to date has released three solo recordings. Steve is the father of six children. He and his wife, Karin, reside in Northern California.

Some words of recommendation…

"For several years and on several occasions I have experienced the great joy and pleasure of ministering in worship with my friend, Steve Puleo. He is highly talented and anointed. With faith and confidence in him I write these few lines of endorsement. He will deliver the Word and the will of God to all who hear him.”
-Ron Kenoly, Ron Kenloy Ministries, Inc.

“I have known Steve for years, having worked with him as a pastor; but what a pleasant surprise to hear him lead worship. He leads with a strong anointing and a great sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit of God.”
-Chuck Girard, Recording Artist

“Steve is proof there is a God and He’s a God of grace. How else could there be a man so gifted and multi-talented that just wants to give himself away for Jesus and for His Family?”
-Terry Clark, Recording Artist

“It is a rare individual indeed that combines ministry, experience and artistry. Steve Puleo is one such person.”
-Fletch Wiley, Producer/Arranger, Recording Artist

“A rich and powerful voice. A heart after God. Integrity in ministry. Steve is one of the best!”
-Bob Fogal, Founder of EMF Broadcasting (K-LOVE, Air 1 Radio Network)

“Steve Puleo is the Picasso of worship!”
-Wesley Campbell, RevivalNOW! Ministries

“Without hesitation I recommend the ministry of Steve Puleo to you. I am sure you will find the same sweet spirit manifest through him that I have personally witnessed in him for a number of years”
-Glen D. Cole, District Superintendent, Northern California/Nevada Assemblies of God

Featured Songs

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For further communication, contact:
Steve Puleo
P.O. Box 3789
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