Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Steve Gibson


I have always loved music, and since 1996 have written over 40 songs. Of course, looking back on some of my earlier compositions I now appreciate how bad they were. The problem is, old people still seem to like them! I have grown up listening to artists like Noel Richards, Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, Martin Smith, etc., and think that I have influences from all areas. I try to make the songs modern but often end up with a more Praise & Worship sound - nothing wrong with it, just not what I aimed for. The common question for any songwriter is 'Where do you get your inspiration?' When you start humming a tune on the way back from school, or you look out the window and see a beautiful landscape (I don't live on the countryside, but on the outskirts of Plymouth and believe me, it's fantastic), sometimes even after listening to a sermon or reading the bible, and best of all after worshipping by yourself in your bedroom! These are all places or things that have inspired me. I don't think I've ever actually sat down with the one aim of writing a song - they need to come naturally.

I was once told that for every ten songs you write, you'll throw away nine. I haven't thrown away any yet, but I can never decide which one to throw away because many of them are from personal worship experiences.

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