Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Steve Cracknell


The songs included here have been written over several decades and reflect what Jesus has done in my life.

When I think of it I wrote a lot of songs in my younger years, almost none when I was earning a living and raising a family and now I find songs being written again.

What has remained unchanged over these years is my faith in Jesus through thick and thin and his power at work in me. I try to write songs in contemporary language that are easy enough for congregations to sing. They are all born at Beckenham Baptist Church, London where I have led worship over many years.

Hopefully you may find one or two songs that speak to you.

Featured Songs

Broken mp3 (2.02mb) Chords pdf file, Chords pdf file
By His Grace mp3 (2.2mb) Chords, Lyrics Word document
Hosanna mp3 (1.39mb) Lyrics Word document, Chords
I Am So Glad mp3 (0.96mb) Chords, Lyrics Word document
What Does The Lord Require mp3 (0.99mb) Lyrics Word document, Chords