Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Stephen & Pauline Lucas


Stephen & Pauline LucasStephen and Pauline grew up together in ‘Sunny’ Bognor, we married in 1981 and have 3 children.

We both joined the Choir at the age of 8, and went on to form a Worship Band in response to a growing Youth Ministry in our area. ‘Crossword’ was formed in 1991, and soon found its own ministry of outreach in a number churches across West Sussex. We have helped with Children’s days in the Cathedral; Residential Youth Weekends; Churches Together events; Carnival Floats! And our annual Diocesan Youth Festival weekends.

We began writing Worship songs to help underpin the central themes in the Diocesan weekends that we were helping the’ YES’ team to lead. (‘YES’ or ‘Youth Equipped to Serve’ is the Children’s & Youth department in the Chichester Diocese.)

‘Crossword’ concluded its ministry in 2000, and took advantage of a golden opportunity to record 5 of our songs in the studios of Guildford University as part of our Keyboard players’ degree. Although the younger members of the band have got married, moved away etc, we all continue to serve God in our own worship ministries and hope that our music goes on to do the same.

Featured Songs

Always mp3 (3.65mb) Chords Word document
I am the way mp3 (4.22mb) Chords Word document
It's good to talk mp3 (2.92mb) Chords Word document
Speak to me Lord Jesus mp3 (2.25mb) Chords Word document
The Paradox mp3 (2.82mb) Chords Word document


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