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Songwriters Showcase

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Stephanie Bennett


Stephanie BennettOne of the most amazing things, at least to me, is that I started making music right out of college. I never had any formal music training outside of John Schwam's piano book #1 (you music lovers should know what that one is). I don't play any instruments nor do I read music. Yet, God has allowed me to make beautiful music using modern technology!

I started singing at the Zion Baptist Church of Coatesville, Pa. Mom made us all sing (3 sis, 2 bros) with the church choir. Although many of the members welcomed our fresh, young voices, some gave us the evil eye when we tried to breathe new life into old hymns. During my teen years, I sang with the William Reeves Chorale Ensemble, McCaskey Senior High School Glee Club and participated in a lot of community events.

You could say that, as a teen, I was very much involved in the community. I was voted "Teen of the Week" by the Lancaster New Era (local paper), "Girl of the Year" by the Lancaster Recreation Commission, and asked to represent the Local Elks as "Miss Elkdom" in Bethlehem, Pa.

Also, I hold a B.A. Degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice and was inducted into the National Sociological Honor Society for holding a "B" average in my major. I substituted at the Lancaster Career and Technology School; and all the students I tutored experienced, on average, a 12% increase in their overall grade.

One of my favorite quotes, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle," embodies the whole of my existence. If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living is not in vain.

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He Touched Me mp3 (8.18mb)
Same Jesus mp3 (2.48mb)


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