Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Ron Gragg


Ron Gragg"Jonah running from his calling". After a life of doing as I saw fit, the Lord called me. I had been a musician most of my life ( a drummer and percussionist). playing in secular rock bands. The Lord took me in 1984, and called me to ministry. I ran, but Jesus didn't give up on me. Like Jonah, spit up on the shores near Nineveh, The lord got my attention. And He's had it since. He had blessed me with many songs, and has given me the talent to play them. And told me to use them to help spread the Gospel around the world. In the last year I have been blessed with the ability to play multiple instruments I had no prior proficiency in . I play all the instruments on these songs, and do all the vocals.

Featured Songs

Come to Me and rest mp3 (0.98mb)
Free Indeed mp3 (0.98mb)
I know mp3 (0.88mb)
Let Your Chains Fall Away mp3 (1.05mb)
Like a Child mp3 (0.55mb)
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Who Am I mp3 (0.87mb)