Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Ron Cusworth


"Music has always been an important aspect in my life, from my very early memories to the purchase of my first guitar at the age of nine. Over the years my musical tastes have varied and changed often, and the years have flown by in what seems like the wink of an eye. Nine years service in the Royal Navy, marriage and children, and even grandchildren now. I was never a Church-goer" as religion never seemed relevant in the hustle and bustle of today's busy world. That was until sixteen years ago when my life changed. Two of my four daughters joined the Girls Brigade at our local Methodist Church and my wife Dot and I were invited along one evening to a prize giving. It was whilst sitting watching some display or other that I was touched by the Holy Spirit. I felt an enormous feeling of well being, and an emotional surge seemed to course through my body, tears filled my eyes and I knew that something really special had happened to me. I became a regular at Sunday services and three years later became a full church member through confirmation. I have served as a Church steward and regularly lead the music at our services and various functions. I wanted to share the wonderful gift of our Lord Jesus with as many other people as I possibly could, and I know from experience that the ordinary man or woman in the street is far more likely to listen to a song than they are of listening to a sermon. With this in mind, I started to write my own sacred songs. To date I have written over forty. My message is simple, JESUS is real, my love for JESUS and what He done for me is real, and the songs I compose and sing are for His glory and if they can touch someone else along the way, then so much the better. May God Bless You all."

Featured Songs

Come into my life Lord mp3 (2.81mb) Chords
Creator God mp3 (3.38mb)
Written in 1998 - I tried several melodies and in the end settled for this one.
Don't ever be afraid mp3 (2.46mb) Chords
I kneel here before you mp3 (3.43mb) Lyrics
Sing unto the Lord mp3 (2.12mb) Lyrics
So easy to love you mp3 (2.94mb) Chords
The kingdom of heaven mp3 (3.76mb)
Written in 1998 in collaboration with my good friend Mike Coyle. On this recording I was joined by another member from my church Peter Collins, who sang harmony.


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