Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Rita Gelston


Rita GelstonI've been a musician in the Pittsburgh, PA (US) area since 1992. I toured as a singer/bass player for 8 years full-time for a living in a band called BankStreet from 1994 to 2002. Although music is more of a hobby now, I still have a great passion for it and wish to share music with people in ways that will be inspirational and also in a way that they can enjoy it in the form of worship. I want it to be something that will motivate them in an introspective, prayer-like way to self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment. Although my very first CD Midnight Eyes wasn't overtly 'Christian' it did have some overtones of spirituality. It has songs of trials and tribulations, choosing the good over the bad and of never giving up or giving in. The song 'Must have been and Angel' was written about a bad situation that I was in and was inspired and divinely guided out of it. As time has told the story in my life, it was just like I sang 'He must have been an angel watching over me.' I have since moved on from the bad situation and have been living the will of God and following the small, still 'inner voice.' Over time, I will be posting more of my music. Some of which I have written in 2001 and some that will be brand new. I wrote Must have been an Angel in 2001. All songs that I post are copywritten and registered with BMI.

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