Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Refugee's Music


 Refugee's MusicRefugee's Music is a Christian music ministry run by Dave Cooley. Dave is the primary writer and producer. Songs are posted and freely available for non-commercial use in Christian ministry. Dave has been writing and playing for over 25 years and since coming to a saving faith in 1999 he's turned his efforts to glorifying God and blessing other through the gift of music.

Featured Songs

Drink the water mp3 (3.19mb)
Inspired by Isaiah's "Invitation to the Thirsty" and Jesus' meeting with the woman at the well "Drink the Water" is an energetic, jazz/hip-hop, song encouraging us to drink the Living water.
Hey! Hallelujah! mp3 (3.38mb) Chords pdf file
This high energy, blues/rock praise song invites the audience to actively participate.
I'm not standing still mp3 (2.62mb) Chords pdf file
This song is a high energy testimony about a living, growing, active faith. Inspired by Paul's "Run the Race" analogy.
Lay your hands on me mp3 (3.15mb) Chords pdf file
This song is a sweet prayer for healing done in a slow southern Gospel style.
Praise the Lord mp3 (3.11mb) Chords pdf file
A sweet, simple praise chorus based on Psalm 148. The chorus is very powerful. This song has been the most popular song on Refugee's Music.
Take me in mp3 (3.57mb) Chords pdf file
This piano-vocal ballad is a prayer inspired by Jesus' promise of rest for the weary. The lyric is based on Psalm 62.