Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Pauline Caine


Pauline CaineBASIC DESIRE is an Australian duo that combines electronic sounds with some truly melodic vocals. They specialize in power ballads and emotionally charged trance.

The band consists of Paulina Caine, the lead vocalist and lyricist, and Henry Kubik, the composer who also produces their music. Both of them have an extensive musical experience behind them, and it was their passion for making music with a message, that brought them together to write and perform as a band.

Kubik has already produced two albums that have given him recognition in Australia. He has released 'The Touch' in 1995 and later on, “Beyond…” that has further enhanced his reputation as one of the best emerging electronic musicians in Australia.

Paulina received classical training, but decided to pursue a pop career. She performed with a number of original and cover bands around Perth (see: Flame, On the Edge, Chemical Jane and Jamez Jonez Experience). Her esoteric and extremely expressive voice is the driving force behind BASIC DESIRE, allowing the group to develop such a powerful style of music.

Featured Songs

My Awakening mp3 (4.27mb)