Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Mick Henderson


Mick HendersonMikie’s mother taught him to speak by singing to him when he was a young child in Detroit. In fourth grade, instrumental music was offered, but he wasn’t interested--until he heard that it meant getting out of class! From there his musical interest blossomed. Later, in California, his parents brought home a piano, at which you could find Mikie sitting for hours at a time. Determined, he learned how to play on his own. In high school, his music teacher encouraged him to write his music onto manuscript paper and the band would play it.

After being saved by Jesus Christ in 1974, by 1976 Mikie dedicated all of his musical interests and talents to the Lord only. He began playing piano and singing regularly in 3 area Rescue Missions. From there he served as Minister of Music and Outreach for an Assembly of God church for 12 years. In 1988 he met his wife, Carolyn. They got married in order to serve God better in their common calling of music ministry.

Believing that God would open doors of ministry and opportunity, Mikie and Carolyn went on the road full-time in 1992, sharing music God put into their hearts. They independently recorded and produced 3 albums of original songs. Mikie’s musical preferences are first composing original songs, second arranging the music using MIDI equipment, and third playing and singing his music at every open door.

Being a prolific songwriter and composer keeps him busy sequencing arrangements in his home studio. He wishes to share what God has given him with the Body of Christ at large.

Featured Songs

Bless the Lord mp3 (3.17mb)
I got my sins forgiven mp3 (2.38mb)
I've made up my mind mp3 (3.03mb)
Just and holy mp3 (6.52mb)
The river of life mp3 (2.92mb)


Mikie Henderson
1902 E Parkshore Drive Ste. 1
Fayetteville, AR 72703