Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Matt Summers


Matt Summers based in Lincoln has been involved in leading praise and worship for many years. Matt lived in London for a while and there worked with London City Mission and surrounding churches. When arriving back in Lincoln he worked in a pioneering church. In this time he developed his performing and song writing and is now in his last year of a music Degree. Already recorded and published he hopes to immerse himself into every facet of Worship Ministry especially Children's work and writing resources for this area. Matt is married to Jo and together they oversee Fire Tribe. Today they still live in Lincoln and run Fire Tribe as a weekly Sunday meeting as well as taking it on the road. As Fire Tribe they are constantly looking into taking The Message of Jesus and the calling down of Fire to any place God leads.

Featured Songs

Call down fire mp3 (2.85mb) Chords (img)
He gives life mp3 (1.35mb) Chords (img)
Holy Spirit fill me mp3 (1.88mb) Chords (img)
Say to my soul mp3 (2.47mb) Chords (img)
What's on my heart mp3 (1.36mb) Chords (img)


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