Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Mark & Sonya Ellis


The Lighthouse Song & Sign Ministry was born in late 1996 when Mark and Sonya Ellis realized that God had brought them together to begin a mission of service to Him. Mark is a songwriter who, while on his first trip to Nashville in May 1996, was moved to begin writing Gospel and contemporary Christian music. Since then, he has written many more songs of faith and devotion and many of them are under contract with independent publishers in Nashville and elsewhere.

Sonya, at about the same time, decided to begin formally studying American sign language. She had already been learning sign language as a hobby for about a year and had become conductor of a sign choir at the state developmental facility where she works.

Mark and Sonya had their first performance on Christmas Eve, 1996 in the First Congregational Church of Westminster, MA. Mark played and sang a Christmas carol he had written for the late-night service and Sonya provided signed interpretation of the lyrics. Since then the couple has performed in dozens of churches up and down the East Coast and has released three CDs and a children's cassette. While still finding their way in His service, their faith grows daily, as does their belief that they have been chosen by Him to bring His message of love and grace through their music to both the hearing and the deaf.

Mark and Sonya also provide programs for libraries and public schools. These non-religious programs serve to teach children about deaf and hearing-impaired people in the hopes of bridging the gap of communication and culture between the hearing and the deaf worlds.

Featured Songs

Captive mp3 (2.2mb) Lyrics
I will follow you (Psalm 23) mp3 (3.38mb) Lyrics


More of Mark and Sonyas songs can be found on their own website.