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Songwriters Showcase

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Laurence Wright


Laurence WrightLVOS is a virtual band specially created to showcase the music of Laurence Wright.

My name is Laurence Wright and I was born in Manchester, England in 1943. I learnt to play piano in my early teens and I have gigged over the years with numerous bands, none very successful. During the 1980s I developed a liking for Jazz, so much so that I took extra lessons and played a few jazz gigs.
In the 1990s l I started writing my own music, the genre of my songs very much depending on the inspiration I had. I like country, but have also written pop, dance, an environmental song and more recently a christian rap.
I produce all my songs in my home studio but I'm no singer so I created L-VOS as a means of promoting my songs. If you are an accredited singer and would like to use any of my songs please get in touch.

I wrote this song in 2003, a year after having undergone open heart surgery. Something from within motivated it. Perhaps it was the persistant news of war and terror. Perhaps it was just because I reached a time in life when the remaining years are condsiderably fewer than those that have passed.
I classify the song as a CHRISTIAN CHORAL RAP.

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