Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Julie Hutchin


Julie HutchinI have always loved singing but didn’t really begin writing songs until after I became a Christian. I had married a widower with six children and any thoughts of singing (I had a few years before joined the local Operative Society) were put to one side in the business of adapting to my new lifestyle. However, when I met Jesus, I started to ask if I would ever sing again, and found that I also had the desire to write songs for the Lord as well. The family also increased in size to eight but during these years I nurtured a dream to write a Gospel Musical that could be a bridge for those who were unchurched to catch a glimpse of what Jesus is really like. After twelve years “The Life Giver” was finally performed, not only warming non-Christians to the Gospel but uplifting those who already love the Lord. I cannot praise Him enough for this and the other music He has put in my heart.

The Life Giver!" is a lively easy to enjoy yet challenging Gospel musical available on CD together with the score, script and backing tracks. The words and music are simple but able to touch hearts and we are looking for Churches or individuals who will take and perform the Musical, or even just some of the songs, in order to reach as many people as possible with this wonderful message.

We are happy for you to adapt the presentation to either very simple abridged or elaborate stage productions as long as the lyrics, basic tunes and narrative (all or in part) are maintained.

Featured Songs

Chosen by God mp3 (4.38mb)
(From “The Life Giver” Musical) This song was written to try and capture something of the wonder of the price Jesus paid on the cross to restore our relationship with God. Although He was disfigured almost beyond recognition, yet because of His love for us, His suffering had a majesty and beauty.
Gentle in my spirit mp3 (3.52mb)
Reach out mp3 (0.77mb)
(From “The Life Giver” Musical) This song was written to encourage people to reach out to Jesus no matter who they are or what their need is. Jesus has promised that He will never turn away anyone who comes to Him and in trusting Him with our lives we can enter into a whole new experience of the love and power of God.
The promise mp3 (3.71mb)
This is a song that I wrote for my son's wedding but I believe it has meaning for many people, not only those just getting married, but those who want to reaffirm their relationship, even after many years, by remembering the promise they made.
The wedding mp3 (1.03mb)
(From “The Life Giver” Musical) This song is fun. It was written in America and added to the Musical 'The Life Giver' to express something of the love of life and love for people that Jesus has.
This is my body (Remember me) mp3 (3.82mb)
(From “The Life Giver” Musical) A simple song presenting an unchanging truth.
Touch and see mp3 (0.75mb)
This song is based on when Thomas saw Jesus after the resurrection where Jesus invites him to touch the nail prints and the wound in His side. It is also an invitation today to discover for ourselves that Jesus is real and close by for those who really want to know Him.


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