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Songwriters Showcase

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Joe Tritz


My name is Joe Tritz. I'm from central Wisconsin, USA and have lived in the area my whole life. I started writing and recording music in high school (early 80's) under the guidance of a man named Chris Swansen - a grammy nominee for performance on a jazz album. I was fortunate enough to have him living in my community and he helped me learn a great deal about how to put a good song together and how to approach the recording aspect of it. I went through the mid-80's metal phase, and still like a good rock song. But a couple of years ago I turned my focus in writing solely to Christian music. I made this change because I really wasn't drawing inspiration from any of the typical secular topics, and had grown in my Christian faith enough to realize that I wanted to glorify God with my talents. When I changed my focus, God apparently opened the floodgates because I have so many song ideas I can't keep up with them. I mainly write in the CCM genre. I am not really a praise and worship writer. However, the songs that I have submitted for this site, although contemporary, will work well for a meditative situation. If you would like to hear any of the other songs I have written, you can find clips on my website. I am currently writing for my sister, who will be the featured vocalist on my music on a CD that should be completed within the year.

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More of Joe's songs can be found on his own website (good for football fans too!)