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Songwriters Showcase

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Jeremy Verhines


Jeremy VerhinesI was born and raised in Jackson Missouri then moved around the US for a while until finally landing in California in 1991. I joined the Marine Corps at that time then got honorably discharged in 1995. I then started my journey in the corporate world. I have been married for 8.5 years and have 3 awesome children. I am currently residing in Laguna Hills, California.

I got saved at the age of 14 and rededicated my life to Christ in January of 1993. My first journey of serving in the ministry started around Feb. of 1993 on a worship team in San Clemente, California. A guy named Jim Berkley scooped me up while I was in a guitar shop (coast music) in San Clemente. As Jim and I conversed he found out that I had just given my life back to Christ. Jim took me in, taught me the bass, and allowed me to humbly play on stage. The church needed a bass player and I wanted to serve, so there you go. It was something I had always wanted to do anyway, now it was for GOD. As time went on I got asked to try to sing a solo part in the annual Christmas play. They heard me sing and took the bass away. Later on my friend Marlena Bermoy, who later became my worship leader and mentor, saw the potential and pulled me out of the back and put me in front of a microphone. I thank GOD for her because of that. She did what GOD told her to do and developed me into the worship leader I am today. After I ministered alongside Marlena and her family, our families parted ways as GOD sent us out. I then met Habib Bardowell (No Need to Fear and Heal our Land) who is to this day continuing to impart and develop me into a worshipper. I thank GOD for him as well. I am currently serving with Habib at the gate (

Featured Songs

Coming of a new day mp3 (3.06mb)
Hear my cry mp3 (2.19mb)
I lift my eyes mp3 (2.21mb)
I will wait mp3 (2.67mb)
My Father mp3 (2.99mb)
Selah mp3 (2.14mb)
The Lords Prayer mp3 (4.77mb)


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