Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Jeff Smith


Jeff SmithThe Lord brought myself (Jeff) and Glenda together in 1997 in playing worship and then later into marriage in a small church in the Blue Mountains Australia. Through a vision, prophetic words, and the kindness of God we met. Comming together in worship and marriage we both became stronger in the Lord. These original songs are the gradual result of our regular worship time with the Lord.
The music was and still is, inspired and written during and from worship sessions. It is not performed or painstakingly constructed or rehearsed but comes from worshiping in the Spirit, that secret place inside you, that stronghold that flows from your heart when the Spirit of worship falls. Consequently there are no formal written arrangements for these songs.
Over a period of 3 years of public worship we developed a more confident and more experienced ability to flow in the spirit and sing in tongues.
The baptism in the Spirit through singing in tongues was for us and is a breakthrough in freeing your worship style and helping you to move with more fluidity and sensitivity. The song No love on earth was the first song we ever recorded and was written by Glenda the day she was discharged from hospital from a triple bypass operation, she received a vision of the Lord whilst in Intensive Care.

Featured Songs

Angel Dance mp3 (4.08mb)
Glory Rain mp3 (4.61mb)
No Love On Earth Like Yours mp3 (4.73mb)
Shout mp3 (4.75mb)
Wherever You Are mp3 (4.71mb)