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Graham O'Leary


Graham O'LearyGod is great! Something we all know I guess? But for me God truly is great! In September 2002 I was wallowing in depression and fear due to abuse that happened to me as a teenager. For 25 years I lived with that pain, gained weight to the tune of 32 stone as I 'comfort ate', spent money like it was going out of fashion! Got my family into serious debt, caused my marriage to fail and me to be on the verge of ending my life!
But through it all I kept crying to God to save me. I saw a councillor for a few months in 2002 and after a break from going to church for 3 years or so (I just could not face going any more) I started to see small changes in my life and thinking! And on September the 8th 2002 after telling my Pastor what had happened and why I was like I was, a miracle happened! God totally and radically healed me form all the pain, the feelings of worthlessness, the blame, the guilt, the hatred etc and replaced it with His love and peace and Joy! I spent the next month or so in awe and wonder at what God had done. September the 7th still living with all this pain and anguish etc, September the 9th to quote the song 'I am a new creation' totally set free, all those feelings gone! Just a deep feeling of the presence of God within me and around me, it was fantastic! Now as I write this in 2004, God has restored my Life! My Marriage! My family! My church and friends (I can now mix with men etc and attend cell group and prayer meetings etc without the fear and pain etc, in fact I am now a cell group leader!) He truly is 'giving back the years' and I can honestly say although I don't understand why it took so long, I am rejoicing in the fact that His timing is perfect and He knows best! Praise Jesus!
For full info on what I am up to now etc please have a look at my website (Link at bottom of this page)
God has been so gracious to me, I am writing new songs now. I am the Lead Worshipper, Leading a worship team of over 20 people at church and am just rejoicing in God's love and power everyday! I have things yet that God has to deal with and is even now so doing. And I know He who began the work in me will complete it in His good and perfect time! Bless Him! My Debut worship album called ‘Solid Rock’ has just been released, and the track on this page is from that. (May 2004) God is doing some amazing things in my life and I pray you are blessed and encouraged by this and trust God to meet your needs in every situation!
For details of the Cd please follow my website Link.
Bless you

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