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Free Spirit Band


 Free Spirit BandThe Free Spirit Band forms the nucleus of the worship group at St.John's Parish church, Keynsham, Bristol. The band also works as a folk/celtic-dance band throughout the southwest, south Wales and up into the midlands on most Saturday and sometimes Friday nights. The band also plays concerts and visits various local churches to contribute to worship.

The song 2000 Years comes from the band's third recording, the others being an album of folk songs and tunes, and an album of traditional and folk Christmas music and songs. Written for the new Millennium, 2000 Years is the first wholly original Christian recording that the band has released - although some demo recordings of Christian material was favourably reviewed by "Cross Rhythms" a few years ago.

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Heaven bound mp3 (1.7mb)


The band has a web site at, and this site deals mainly with the folk music side of our work. However we can be contacted through the site and our recordings are detailed on it.

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