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Songwriters Showcase

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 EmunahThe group evolved from playing together in the Worship at the local Baptist Church in South Wales, UK. Material was there to be used as written by Robert Alexander. Other Members are his wife, Carole, Gaynor Turner and Tim Smith. The only album released is First Steps, the title representing the foray into sharing the music, songs and sounds produced. The album itself was done on a budget of about 400.00, but shows a reasonable standard can be achieved with a lot of hard work. Pete Brand, recorded the vocals in Gaynor's house over a weekend, as that's all the time we could afford. Hedid a great job in such a short time. Everyone works full time and loads of practice went into the venture. The music was produced on a Yamaha PSR730 except for some additional tracks on three of the numbers, and Saxophone on one track. (Played by the amazing Tim Smith). The Album Sleeve design by Robert and was done on Corel Software and copies are done at home from the PC. The album reflects a "Song for all seasons" range. However a Worship Album is in the pipeline and a Musical/Drama project also. We would ask people to support us through prayer or a financial contribution. We have no other instrumentalists as yet nor do we have any of the proverbial money needed to achieve the aforementioned projects. What we do have, is loads more songs and music to share. We thank God for all our gifts and only want to bless Him and all who listen to the album.

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