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Songwriters Showcase

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Doug Slaughter


Doug SlaughterMy name is Douglas Slaughter. I was on an Indy Country label from 1996-1999 in Nasville, US. I am currently playing in a cover band named "Chekane"(My Space in and around my town of Louisville, KY (Home of the Kentucky Derby). I write a lot of music, but really enjoy writing Christian, uplifting music. I play guitar, and harmonica, and mandolin, but my primary instrument is my voice.

I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old. I have tried to remain faithful to my faith all these years. I just really want people to get to know our God through my music. I hope that someone can find some peace in their life through listening to one of my songs. I am excited to share my music with a great musical country like the UK. I have traced my family history to the English-Welsh border (Upper and Lower Slaughters).

I hope you all enjoy my music. I have a full CD coming out at the end of August. I am selling them for $10.00 (US) per copy. If people in England want them I will sell them for just postage, and no other charge. It is going to be called "Real Man, Real God". If any one need lead sheets, or chord charts I will get them for you.

Featured Songs

Angel mp3 (12.24mb)
Bring Me Back mp3 (10.01mb)
Halelujah *
Humble mp3 (11.59mb)
I Need You mp3 (7.67mb)
Mansion mp3 (6.11mb)
One Day mp3 (9.71mb)
Sunday Face mp3 (7.01mb)
Teacher Teach Me mp3 (9.2mb)
Where I Been mp3 (7.85mb)