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Songwriters Showcase

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Don Hershman


Don HershmanBorn and raised in south-central Pennsylvania, I have lived in Kentucky since 1984 with my wonderful wife, friend and ministry mate, Kathy. We have three wonderful children and seven beautiful grandchildren; all are great blessings in our lives.

I was deep into the “world”, serving self and full of hate until I was sovereignly touched by God’s grace in July of 1997. My heart of stone was literally pulverized, and a heart of flesh created, as I looked upon my sleeping two-month-old granddaughter, Emily. I have not been the same since, praise God. Then, in 1999 at a Promise Keeper’s meeting I dedicated my life to loving and serving Jesus Christ. At that time, that “real Don” began to manifest a life and calling that God had been preparing me for all along. That life is as a worshiper of the Living God. This, in turn, opened up a whole new world of service and blessing, which is leading worship at many different venues, often in programs with my wife, who is a teacher/preacher.

For most of my adult life, I tried to write songs and failed. I just could not seem to write anything that was worth singing more than once (if once). Then in January of 2003, God opened up the floodgate and songs began pouring out of me! Interestingly enough, this release happened immediately after I shared my desire, but inability, to write songs with a secular songwriter while flying from Denver to Nashville. God is so good. My recordings are done in my house studio using my Yamaha AW4416. I give my cds away as part of our ministry, so please freely download the songs off this site and use/copy them any way you like. Contact me through our ministry website if you would like a hard copy of any of the cds God has given me. God has been so good to me. My desire is to share this love with you.

Many of my songs were written for alter call situations, some are for "soaking and reflecting", and others were written simply to declare the goodness and great love of God. Some of the songs could be used in corporate worship, but most are not your standard Praise and Worship type of song. Numerous songs reflect my personal testimony.

I also have many additional songs not listed on this website. These songs are available for FREE DOWNLOAD from our ministry website,

Be blessed and trust in the Lord. Worship Him!

Featured Songs

Blood of Jesus mp3 (3.71mb) Chords pdf file
Day of hope mp3 (4.99mb) Chords pdf file
Focus on me mp3 (3.41mb) Chords pdf file
Garden of praise mp3 (3.56mb) Chords pdf file
Hound of Heaven mp3 (4.35mb)
I offer you my heart mp3 (3.85mb) Chords pdf file
In the Spirit mp3 (4.86mb)
Joy of My Salvation mp3 (4.09mb)
King Of Glory *
Lamb of God mp3 (5.06mb) Chords pdf file
Lord, help my unbelief mp3 (3.19mb) Chords pdf file
Lord, I want to be like you mp3 (5.06mb) Chords pdf file
My hope is Jesus mp3 (3.08mb) Chords pdf file
Praise the Lord O My Soul mp3 (2.97mb)
Press on to maturity mp3 (3.89mb) Chords pdf file
Pricless Gain mp3 (2.34mb)
Priestly blessing mp3 (2.44mb) Chords pdf file
Psalm 133 mp3 (4.66mb) Chords pdf file
Ravish My Heart mp3 (15.05mb)
Rekindle the Fire mp3 (3.53mb)
Relationship mp3 (5.31mb) Chords pdf file
Ruthless love mp3 (4.69mb) Chords pdf file
Sabbath mp3 (0.84mb)
Save Me from Myself mp3 (2.88mb)
Secret Stairs mp3 (1.57mb)
Vile My Flesh mp3 (3.09mb)
You are my God mp3 (3.23mb) Chords pdf file
You are my portion mp3 (3.86mb) Chords pdf file
You have been so good to me mp3 (2.5mb) Chords pdf file
You have Blessed Me mp3 (2.11mb)


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