Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Don Clark


Don ClarkGraham, Marion and Don are members of Winchester Road Methodist Church in Highams Park, London. Six years ago they formed the group 'Spirit', singing to twelve-string and a six-string acoustic guitars. Originally they sang various hymns and songs from the praise book, but more recently in their constant search for new material, they started writing their own songs. These can be tailored to their own sound and abilities and more importantly, carry a specific message that could be inspirational to their church and others.

Their songs are recorded at their home studio and they have cut their first disk of fourteen songs. The second edition will be finished during 2003.

They hope their songs give pleasure/inspire/and make people think. For them, it is an enjoyable way of sharing their faith with others worldwide.

Featured Songs

Don't leave God at the door mp3 (0.51mb) Chords
For eternity mp3 (0.36mb) Chords
Help me pray mp3 (0.52mb) Chords
I stand in your presence mp3 (0.75mb) Chords
I will walk in your truth mp3 (0.85mb) Chords
It's Christmas mp3 (0.39mb) Chords
Marys song mp3 (1.39mb)
One true king mp3 (0.38mb) Chords
Our saviour, our friend mp3 (0.57mb) Chords
Our strength in a modern world mp3 (0.51mb) Chords
Passion in my heart mp3 (0.68mb) Chords
Praise the Lord mp3 (0.34mb) Chords
Rejoice mp3 (0.47mb) Chords
Set me free mp3 (0.9mb) Chords
The kingdom of heaven mp3 (0.51mb) Chords
The living bread mp3 (0.48mb) Chords
The living flame mp3 (1.12mb) Chords
The one you turn to mp3 (1.21mb) Chords
We are gathered here mp3 (0.55mb) Chords
We give our lives to you mp3 (0.45mb) Chords
Where do I find him? mp3 (0.55mb) Chords
You're risen Lord mp3 (0.6mb) Chords