Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Diana Tyler


Diana TylerBlend together a joyous heart, a rock-n-roll spirit, respect for traditional hymns, folk/rock sensibilities, a touch of the blues, some old-time gospel, a pinch of pop, and a leap into some alternative territory, and you’ll get the music of Diana Tyler. Starting out singing harmonies with her church choir at the age of five, Diana learned to play guitar and began writing original music in 1980, the year she married her husband, Tim. Diana and Tim later formed the Christian rock band, CRISIS, and helped lead contemporary worship services at the North Eaton Christian Church. The group’s only cd, “CRISIS and Diana Tyler” was independently released in 1999. CRISIS amicably disbanded in 2004. The marriage amicably continues but Diana now performs regionally as a solo artist. She also continues to write as well as sing in the choir and help lead worship.

Featured Songs

Jesus saves! mp3 (2.51mb)
“Jesus Saves!” is another fun witness song. It’s got an old 1950’s feel to it and is even more delightful with audience participation on the titular tag line.
Lov in action mp3 (5.05mb)
Love somebody mp3 (2.39mb)
“Love Somebody” is a lesson in perspective and self-esteem. It’s about the entanglements and troubles we get ourselves into as we search for meaning in all the wrong places.
This gift's for you mp3 (3.72mb)
I consider “This Gift’s for You” to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve written. It speaks about remembering the reason for joy at Christmas, and is especially poignant when the year preceding has been an especially hard one for those trying to celebrate.
You are mp3 (3.33mb)
“You Are” is a love song. What more is there to say?


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