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Songwriters Showcase

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Deborah Belanger


Deborah BelangerMusic has always been an integral part of my life. Mom says I was singing in English and Polish shortly after I learned how to speak. I sang in the junior choir at St. Christopher’s Anglican Church in Canada and over the years continued to sing in church choirs. I continued my postgraduate education and obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree. Music disappeared from my life during that time. Not until I married and my first son was born did I find my way back to the church and singing sacred music. After practicing law for 19 years my body and mind were exhausted and I decided it was time for me to take a break and renew not only my body but my spirit. Listening to a new Christian radio station in Ottawa helped me find my way again. The words and music sustained me through a time when I saw no hope, no future and no light at the end of the dark tunnel in which I found myself. I wanted to sing but not other’s words, my own! My husband encouraged me to write my own music. I had no formal training so I had no idea how I could manage to actually compose something. Nevertheless, one night while sitting in bed reading I felt the need to pick up a pad and pencil. My first song “Name the Fear” literally wrote itself. It embodied all the fear I was feeling in my life at that time. I prayed for God to inspire me and he did more than that. The melody popped into my head and for the next two weeks I wrote one song after another.

Featured Songs

Darkest Places mp3 (4.61mb)
This was written in response to the Sept 11th tragedy in NYC but could equally speak to anyone suffering through natural as well as man made disasters. I had the priviledge of premiering the song at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa on September 11th 2002 at a national memorial service and on local television. The song was released as a single that fall. Since then I've had the opportunity to sing it in the crypt at Canterbury Cathedral in the summer of 2006 ( my choir, The Anglican Chorale of Ottawa was guest choir at the Cathedral for a week that summer). The precentor told our group that the Archbishop and other clergy were praying there in the aftermath of the events in New York City. As soon as I walked into the dark crypt, I knew I had to sing my song there. Later I had an opportunity to sing it at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC, which has been converted into a place of pilgrimage for the events of Sept 11th.
Masterpiece of Dreams mp3 (3.7mb)
This offering is on the lighter side. It was written as a gift to a friend for her wedding. She is a very creative, artsy person hence, the “painting” images. Although it was written for a wedding the words relate to any new beginning. Of all my songs, this is my husband's favorite. He says he hears my “true” voice when he listens to it. It was really my gift to him.
Name The Fear mp3 (3.28mb)
Deals with all the fears we have whether they be of failure or success. This was the first song I wrote It embodied exactly how I was feeling at the time. Fear is our biggest enemy and I feel that we can all take a huge step towards overcoming it by putting our trust in God because He doesn't want us to be fearful as he has a plan for each of us. We all have gifts and need to fearlessly strike out and utilize not squander those God given gifts and in that way we honor Him.
Pieces of Glass mp3 (3.58mb)
I was inspired to write this song after watching an episode of a telelvison program called Touched by an Angel. In this particular episode the main character was broken and suffering after the loss of her young son to cancer. Even though she was a singer, she could no longer sing. She was told by one of the the angels that holding her pain was like holding pieces of glass in her hand. The tighter she held on, the more the glass would wound her. This piece speaks to the various pain we hold and how God wants us to offer it all to Him so that He can help us heal. I was touched by a fellow who listened to the song. Unbeknown to me, he was a former drug addict and he felt the song spoke directly to him. In that moment I was humbled by the realization that even a simple song can make a difference in someone's life


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