Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

David Heath-Whyte


David is the minister of a small church just south of St Albans. He started writing children’s Bible songs several years ago. Together with his mad monkey, Maynard, David uses them in school assemblies, Sunday school, midweek and holiday clubs as well as in church services, to help people learn about Jesus, trust him, and worship him 24/7 - with a funky groove in the background...

"I try to use the Bible’s words in a way the kids might say them" says David, "and then add to that the kind of tune you can sing in the shower. Then I try them out on our kids (Katie & George), and get my wife Clare to be honest with me! Then we have a great time singing them at HOTSHOTS! - the 5-11s club. I hope you enjoy them, and have an immeasura-bubbly good time with Jesus!"

Featured Songs

Are you ready for him? mp3 (1.1mb), midi (0.01mb)
Facts not fairy tales mp3 (1.38mb), midi (0.01mb) Chords pdf file
This is my slogan for my Christmas assembly series. The Christmas events may seem amazing - and they're true! Funky style.
God can do (immeasura-bubbly!) mp3 (1.2mb), midi (0.01mb)
Goodbye grumpy feelings mp3 (1.84mb), midi (0.02mb)
I want to know (Jesus Christ) mp3 (1.33mb), midi (0.01mb)
I want to want to mp3 (1.35mb), midi (0.01mb)
If I was mp3 (2.13mb), midi (0.02mb) Chords pdf file
In his dreams (Joseph) mp3 (1.37mb), midi (0.01mb)
Jesus has authority mp3 (1.68mb), midi (0.01mb)
John 14v16 - yeah! mp3 (0.76mb), midi (0mb)
Let us fix... mp3 (1.85mb), midi (0.02mb)
O Holy Spirit (Fruity Fruity!) mp3 (1.31mb)
A prayer for some help, based on Galatians 5:22-23 & "LA - ex" (??!!)
One boy mp3 (1.5mb), midi (0.01mb) Chords pdf file
When you think of that little baby, it's wonderful that he's our Lord & King. Gentle - with a 5/4 surprise.
One man said mp3 (1.12mb), midi (0.01mb)
Paul, Paul mp3 (1.43mb), midi (0.01mb)
Twinkle twinkle mp3 (1.3mb), midi (0.03mb)
We know Romans 8:28 mp3 (2.15mb), midi (0.02mb)
What's in the bible? mp3 (1.34mb), midi (0.02mb)
Whatever is... mp3 (1.17mb), midi (0.01mb)
Why worry? mp3 (0.98mb), midi (0.01mb)
Will you sing? mp3 (2.02mb), midi (0.03mb)