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Songwriters Showcase

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Darlene Ketchum


Darlene KetchumDarlene is a music educator, songwriter, worship leader, soloist, and pianist. She has been music director in several churches and has led choirs and ensembles of all ages. Currently, she teaches piano and music theory, leads children's worship at Sunshine Hills Foursquare Church, and teaches music at Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, Canada, where she also gives vision and leadership to the music department.

Darlene’s faith in God gives the inspiration for her music making. She expresses her own love for Christ through music and wants to share it to encourage others. One of her passions is creating songs, especially worship songs. Another desire is to unlock musical expression in others. She loves teaching music and developing musicians whether it is children, teenagers, college students or adults.

On a personal note, Darlene is married and has 2 children. She likes to be with people, and her family and friends are priorities for her. Desserts, jazz and soul music, strong coffee, baking, foreign films, camping, and traveling are a few of the extras she enjoys.

Statement of Purpose

As a children's worship leader, Darlene found that there were very few worship resources for children. She began writing songs to give children worship music they could relate to and to encourage the memory and understanding of biblical truths in their everyday lives.

Darlene has produced a CD called God Attitude (kidzworship) which is a very strong collection of songs that children can relate to, and that will help them to learn scripture, worship, and develop a God Attitude of their own.

Tracks on the CD include:

God Rocks
I'm Praisin' Jesus
Love! The Lord Your God
Your Love Must be Real
Honour Your Parents
Become Holy God is Always By My Side
There's No One Like Jesus
God Attitude
I'm Gonna Live the Life

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