Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Daniel Pettitt


Daniel PettittI never knew the vision for my creativity until the age of 17 when I first heard Bob Dylan, suddenly a whole new world opened up to me, one of self expression and communication that I had never known before; my musical journey began when later I won an acclaimed poetry prize at my school and my interest turned to rhyme and lyrics.

From an early interest in poetry and writing, my roots in music began in folk, blues and rock, I self taught myself on guitar and instantly began recording material on an old beat up tape player, I played with friends, I worked at song-writing, taking concise and rhythmic structures from poetry and working them into melodies and lyrics.

It was at this time that I realised what I really wanted to express with music, after hearing the early protest music in folk, I wanted to take audiences on a journey through my music, combining spiritual elements within my material, world music, and Native American chants with rock, pop and ballads, I had the idea of a musical landscape and would later shape my live shows into ongoing conceptual pieces in its sound or content. My message and its expression began to matter to me, with themes ranging from social commentary, mythology, love songs and traditional ballads.

I started off just performing at gatherings and to friends at university, encouraged that people thought I had something interesting and different, and, inspired, I later performed with electric bands, playing in local venues, I was creating something which was later referred to as ‘space age rock’ and I would build live sets up to a climactic chant filled release of rock music.

I would also just sing with my acoustic guitar from venues in the North East and when I perform solo I am always looking to create something intimate and personal, and I have received encouraging responses from audiences, musicians and critics. I have written many songs, I am a prolific singer songwriter with always a hint to a conceptual landscape in my recorded material and my live shows, one of an exciting journey I want the audience or the listener to go on.

Featured Songs

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Book of Prayers mp3 (6.2mb) Chords
From Darkness To Light mp3 (4.67mb) Chords
Jesus Loves You mp3 (3.95mb) Chords
Tornado mp3 (2.75mb) Chords
Walk With Me (through the storm) mp3 (5.82mb) Chords
We Are Much More mp3 (3.21mb) Chords
What Can I Give You? mp3 (5.98mb) Chords
When They Come mp3 (3.16mb) Chords