Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Dallas Murphy


Dallas MurphyDallas is a worship leader at the Christian Churh of Olney, IL Father of 2 girls Crystal (22) and Mikayla (7) and married to Katherine (Ritter) Murphy 25. He has been workng in Church and Music Ministry 25 years

In 2001 he became the most Promising Male Songwriter For The Tennessee Songwriter's Assc. Int'l (TSAI). Has recorded 2 Projects with Mark Dryer at Studio 23 Lakeside In Hendersonville TN. His style is varied but consists mostly of Praise and Worship songs and Fresh Hymns.

Featured Songs

Altar of Love wma (3.75mb)
I long to see You wma (3.43mb)
I need to go deeper wma (3.16mb)
Im so glad wma (2.39mb)