Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Cliff Burkin


I am a retired insurance agent and have been married to my wife, Julita, for 17 years, after my first marriage dissolved. We have 5 grownup children between us and 8 grandchildren. My wife, who was born in the Seychelles, and myself, went there to live for two years from 2004 to 2006 with her family, where I wrote and recorded most of my songs.

I am not a professional singer/entertainer, but I did sing with a band called, "Singers of Charity" in the Seychelles, on occasions, in charity events/

Some of my songs have and still are being played on the Seychelles Radio. I was also interviewed on Radio Devon where they played one of my songs.

My hope is that a professional singer may take a fancy to my music and maybe record a song or two. If this were to happen, as I have always said, all profits made, if any, would go to charity.

Featured Songs

My Shining Light wma (3.79mb)
Perfect Harmony wma (3.43mb)
The Sinner In Me wma (2.42mb)