Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Chuck Gibson


Chuck GibsonWelcome, Twenty years of music ministry is now part of the testimony behind this spiritually empowered duet known as “The Singing Evangelists” Chuck and Phyllis Gibson are actively involved in many facets of the Southern Gospel Music industry. They are currently Pulaski County Chapter leaders of the A.C.M.A. (The American Christian Music Assoc.)
They also do their own publishing through Gibson Hill Music. Which was formed two years ago by singer, songwriter Evangelist: Chuck Gibson who spent three years in Nashville, “learning the business” from some of the top names in secular country music.
Brother Chuck has been preaching the gospel for the most of the twenty years of this anointed ministry, and has been very busy about his Fathers business! He worked as a D.J. over W.O.B.O. 88.7 fm in his hometown of Batavia Oh. Where he produced two radio programs, Sunday morning sunrise, and Monday evening drive time program “traveling the highway home” He also hosted and
Helped to produce his own cable T.V. program called “ Shekinah” which aired three times a week on Warner cable station#24 (the public access channel) and twice a week on T.K.R. cable channel #7 in Covington, Ky. “The Road To Glory land” was another program that Chuck helped to produce and host.
Up until the time he moved here from Ohio he had three projects previously released on sage grass records and glory land music and media. “The Best is Yet To Come” (which has now become part of “The Collection” The Singing Evangelist “best of” project) A twenty song C.D. and was recorded at Jordan recording studios In Taylor Mill, Ky. And mastered in Nashville. Featuring such talent as Charles Novell on piano, Buddy Rich on steel guitar (now gone on to be with Jesus) and Billy Blackwood on the drums, and other great musicians such as Paul Thompson, Homer Todd and Dennis Hensley. He has also worked with, Rusty York of Jewel recording Studios (Jewel records) and, Carroll Rawlings of the masters five. Then came “Chosen Soldiers” which featured two of Chuck’s daughters singing, the background vocals, and produced by Eddie Brumley.
Chuck moved to this area three years ago and fell in love with the beautiful lake Cumberland Region and a lovely Somerset lady filled with the Holy Spirit, and the fire of God’s love! The couple was soon after married and began a united effort to reach the lost at any cost. They have recently released their first project together “It’s Still Real Today” on the Gibson Hill label and is getting airplay on local stations everywhere!
They are currently working on a brand new project together “Let’s Get Busy” I sure do like that title don’t you? When asked where do you go from here? Chuck and Phyllis Gibson reply’ “wherever the leads us, we will follow, and if it is the Lord’s will that’s exactly what they will do”

Featured Songs

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Come Follow me mp3 (2.6mb)
Hes Guiding me over mp3 (2.79mb)
I am pursuaded mp3 (2.97mb)
The half has never been told mp3 (2.78mb)