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Songwriters Showcase

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Chris Medway


Chris MedwayHellooooooooo...
... I'm a songwriter and producer of kids praise and family worship songs, living in the coastal town of Dawlish in Devon, UK. I'm married to Sharon and we have a son, Joshua (b.1999) whom we teach at home. Our church home is Mars Hill Church in the neighbouring coastal town of Teignmouth. We have a pet Giant African Land Snail called Billy who says 'hello' to you and a hamster called Nibbles who gives you a wave.

Over recent years, I strongly felt led to write praise and worship songs for children, putting aside ambitions to compose for theatre and film. My aim is for kids praise songs to be fun and quirky but intelligent which kids and adults love to sing and listen to. This, I think, is a great way to teach God's truths and stir a heartfelt response of praise to God for whom He is and what He's done for us. Two of my kids songs were published by Kingsway and appear on CDs produced by Ishmael.

"If I'd been the only one to sin, God's love means He'd still give me Jesus" (from “For God loved the world so much”)

Being involved in Children's ministry often means bouncing around clutching a guitar trying to generate enthusiasm amongst kids who stare back at me blankly. Coming from Devon means I can do convincing pirate impressions (“ahhaaaaarrrrrrrrrr“- see, told you) which sometimes helps in that sort of ministry (although it wrecks my throat). The song "Ahoy There" on my debut CD demonstrates this beautifully (?!)……

"Knowing Jesus is the greatest, finest treasure that there be. Ahaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr"

My music is often described as creative, colourful and theatrical and nowhere more so than on the….
This concept CD is an electrifying musical tour calling at stations to Heaven Central via 13 quirky, catchy, Biblically based songs that’s great for kids aged 0-200. As one reviewer said: "Using the theme of a train journey, Chris uses train announcements, sound effects, and whole box full of whacky sounds to create a musical heaven for young kids". Also, if you begin the CD at around 10:13 a.m. then you can even experience the journey in real time. The reviewer concluded that the CD is "every bit as good as (Duggie Dug Dug, Dave Godfrey and Ishmael) and certainly better than numerous other children’s albums I’ve heard”.(….must remember to pay the reviewer). So ”All Aboard, ….…”.
There are samples of all the songs from the CD on my website . Woooo-Hoooo.

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