I like playing in the park
by Aaron Hamilton

I like playing in the park, eating chocolate pudding,
Things that make me laugh till I fall of my chair,
I like staying up late, playing loud music,
Scary rides that make me feel sick.

I like going to the beach, Picnics in the forest,
Playing in the snow till my fingers turn blue,
I like ice cream with a flake in, chasing after pigeons,
Jumping up and down on my bed.

Lots of things are fun
But there is only one thing
That makes me really happy inside
God knows the good and bad
Yet he's absolutely mad about me
He loves me all of the time

I like play fights, flying kites, Coca Cola, Lilt and Sprite,
Holidays that never seem to come to an end,
I like bubble gum, water guns, roller blades and pocket money,
Sleeping over night at my friends.

I like water flumes, popping balloons, Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes,
Fireworks that fizzle then explode with a BANG,
I like Lazer Quest, being a pest, making sure my rooms a mess,
Pretending I'm asleep late at night.