Don't ever be afraid
Ron Cusworth

Don't ever be afraid of the dark,
Jesus will never leave you,
You cannot be separated from His love,
His Power and His Glory redeem you,
His love, so steadfast and true,
All wrongs are forgiven when He walks with you,
Sing aloud His praises do the best you can do,
For Jesus truly loves you.

When tossed about upon a stormy sea,
Have Faith He will save you,
His voice will still the angry waves,
His love will surround you,
He's the Rock on which you can stand,
Never be afraid to take hold of His hand,
A path through life with Him is well planned,
The Lord of Hosts truly loves you.

In life when things seem so sad,
He will uphold you,
His strength will carry you through,
On dark days that hurt you,
He'll lift you high when you fall.
Through Him make sense of it all,
Let Jesus give forgiveness to all,
Who truly believe Him,

Have Faith in all He can do,
His wisdom will guide you,
Tell others of the wonders He's done,
Their lives can be touched too,
Open the door of your heart ask Him in,
Then you can say goodbye to all evil and sin,
Bow down now and worship the King,
Bow down and adore Him.

Don't be afraid to walk in the Light,
With Jesus as your Saviour,
Never be afraid to always do what is right,
Be on your best behaviour,
No matter where you are He's right by your side,
Helping you with problems there is no need to hide, The love of Jesus cannot be denied,