We are gathered          © copyright Graham Palmer & Don Clark 2003



D                            Dmaj7

We are gathered here for you

D7                          G

With open hearts, faith to renew

D                                Dmaj7

We bring our worries and say our prayers

D7                           G

To share with you our worldly cares



Em       A7                           Bm       G

Jesus Christ we feel your presence near

Em          A7                         D

You fill our senses and our souls

Em                A7       Bm              G

We promise you throughout our time

Em                    A7        D

We’ll live our lives for you



D                          Dmaj7

The time has come to praise your name

D7                       G

Our love for you to show again

D                            Dmaj7     

The Holy Spirit will fill our lives

D7                                 G

Cleanse our souls and free our minds




Repeat 1st verse