Living Flame        Copyright: © Graham Palmer & Don Clark 2004




E7                                          A

Lord Your love it shines on me

D                    A           Bm            E

Through Your blood You set us free

E7                                    A

Your mercy like a river flows

D                             A                  D        E

And through Your grace Your mercy shows



A                                                               D       E

We worship You and praise Your name

                                           F#m   E           A

To us You are the living flame

                                         D                       E

Oh Jesus let Your glory shine


Enter our hearts and free our minds

A         F#m                       D                                      E

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ   we praise Your name



E7                                            A

Lord Your radiance lights our way

D                    A         Bm        E

Your glory’s there through everyday

E7                                            A

Through our lives let people see

D                                                 E

The love of Jesus that sets us free