The Kingdom of Heaven            © Palmer Clark 2003




D                        G          A7………………

He said to the people, to those rich and poor

D                           G      Em                    A7

The Kingdom of heaven has opened its door

D                    G              Bm                 A7

Come all ye sinners the young and the old

D                           G                   A7              D

From all walks of life there’s a place in the fold



G                  A7        D                  G

Now is the moment it’s time to repent

Am                               D7                  G               Em

Your souls have been saved by the Son that He sent

Am           D       G               Em

Go to the light, heed to the call

Am                          D             C                   G

The Kingdom of heaven is there for you all.



D                        G      A7…………………                       

Blessed are the meek they’ll inherit said He

D                          G           EM           A7

And suffer the children to come unto me

D                         G            Bm              A7

The lonely and proud the troubled and lame

D                  G              A7               D

Come all together but come in my name