Praise the lord     © copyright Palmer Clark 2003

(Call to Worship)


C                 G                 F              C

This is the time that we all come together


To worship our Lord and our King

F                C            G               C

This is the time to honour His name

G                                         C        C7

To raise up our voices and sing


                   F                          C

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord

             G                          C         C7

The almighty is with us today

                   F                           C

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord

        G                                 C

Itís time to worship and pray


C                       G          F                C

Kneel in His presence, bow to His throne


Pray--that His mercy will bring

           F             C          G            C

His favour and grace to all who believe

           G                                  C             C7

Letís lift up our hearts as we sing